Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Air pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Air pollution - Essay Example The world today is facing many disasters that include various forms of pollution. The most dangerous pollution that is accelerating at a very fast pace is air pollution. The pollution of the air is important as it effects the environment and provides for long lasting effects. The main cause of air pollution that is most evident is the lack of concern and measures for controlling air pollution. The motor vehicles provide for the most important cause of air pollution and the lack of installation of emission control devices adds noxious gases into the atmosphere. The industries are also major contributors to harmful gases into the environment. The installation of devices which filter these harmful gases is expensive. It is for this purpose that these devices are not used and the environment is polluted (Turk et al 1974). The ignorance and lack of attention for tackling air pollution can provide to affect the present and the future of Earth. People living in urban areas are highly affected by air pollution but still fail to understand the complexity of the situation. Elderly people and those with pulmonary diseases are advised to stay indoors to avoid the harmful substances in the air as these pollutants would worsen their health condition. Other people who are exposed to these obnoxious substances in the air may complain of stinging eyes, irritated sinuses and scratchy throats. The air pollution is spreading at a fast pace and the rural areas which were considered to be clean and pure from harmful substances are not safe anymore either  (Williamson 1973). Air pollution not only effects human beings but it also tends to affect other forms of life. The trees, flowers and crops are also affected. Trees can be of assistance in keeping the air clean but the life of trees has also been reduced. The animals are also exposed to the hazardous substances in the

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