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Impact of the Word on Dickinson In Donald E. Thackreys essay The Communication of the Word, he talks ab disclose how the power of the individual newsworthiness, in particular, seems to demand inspired her with nonhing less than reverence (51). Dickinson approached her poetry inductively, that is, she combined words to arrive at whatever conclusion the patterns of the words suggested, rather than starting out with a specific theme or message. Instead of purposefully working toward a final philosophical point, Dickinson preferred to use series of staccato inspirations (51). Dickinson ofttimes used words with weight in her work, and as a result her works usually cannot be grasped fully in one reading without dissecting all(prenominal) word individually. Often Dickinson would compile large, alternative word lists for a poetry before she would come to a decision on which word was just remediate for the impact she wished to achieve (52). For example, this poetry displays Dickinsons use of alternative, thesaurus-like lists Had but the tale a thrilling, typic, hearty, bonnie, breathless, spacious, tropic, warbling, ardent, friendly, magic, pungent, winning, mellow teller All the boys would come Orpheuss sermon captivated, It did not condemn. Eventually, Dickinson came to rest on the word warbling, but one can see the meticulous care that she put into the decision on which word to use. Another poem of Dickinsons that shows her compositional method is Shall I Take Thee? the Poet Said. In this poem, Dickinson discusses from where the power of the world comes. Shall I take thee? the poet said To the propounded word. Be stationed with the candidates Till I hold up further tried. The poet probed philology And when about to ring For the suspended candidate, There came unsummoned in That portion of the vision The word applied to fill. Not unto nomination The cherubim reveal. In the antecedent poem, one can see the artistic style come throu gh her composition. The best representation of that particular idea comes from the author Donald Thackrey when he says It is significant that the revealed word comes unsummoned in a flash of intuition.and yet the implication of the poem is that the revealing of the word must be preceded by the preparatory, conscious, rational effort of look into philologyShe Dickinson herself was well aware that inspiration, while all-sufficient when present, seldom came even to a great poet.

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Analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee :: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays

In the 1960s Harper Lee wrote the award-winning novel To Kill aMockingbird. The novels story is told through the eyes of Jean LouiseFinch (aka. lookout station). It all starts when Scout is only six years of age.She lives with her Father Atticus (Lawyer), Brother Jeremy (Jem), andtheir lovely total darkness Housekeeper, Calpurnia. They live in the Deep Southin a small town called Maycomb. Scout and Jem make a new friend earlyon in the book, Dill, with whom they get into frequently mischief with. Theysoon come to realize that in their little racial town, there is moreto it than meets eye. They find there is much corruption and deceptiongoing on, people are not who they are made out to be. Characters couldbe described as a Mockingbird, symbolizing innocence (free from anywrong pure. (Stated in the Macquarie Dictionary)), or a Blue-Jay,symbolizing immorality (wrong according to the moral law or toaccepted patterns of behavior (Macquarie Dictionary)).Two main characters that are consi dered to be Mockingbirds areScout (six year old white girl) and Tom Robinson (25 year old swartfamily man, who lost his arm in a machinery accident). TheseCharacters are Mockingbirds due to their innocence through the book.Scouts innocence is bound by her age she is seen as young and nieve. end-to-end the book there are many sequents in which she doesntunderstand what is going on around her, due to her lack of knowledge.One such incident is at Christmas time when Jem and Scout receive airriffles. Atticuss words of caution to them were, Shoot all theBlue-Jays you want. If you can hit em. But remember, its a sin tokill a mockingbird(p.99). Scout was confused, for that was the firsttime Atticus had said anything was a sin. Scout consulted her neighbor run away Maudie for an explanation. Miss Maudies exact words were,Mockingbirds dont do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. Theydont eat up peoples gardens, dont nest in corncribs, they dont doone thing but sing their hearts out fo r us. Thats wherefore it is a sin tokill a Mockingbird. Scout didnt realize this at the time but she wasgetting a valuable lesson that she volition understand later in life.At one stage in the book Scouts innocence saves Atticuss and TomRobinsons Lifes. Jem, Scout and Dill all sneak out to surpriseAtticus, but when they arrive at the jail cell where Atticus isminding Tom, they get their own surprise. They come on the button in time tosee a mob of farmers arrive trying to get into Toms cell for a reason

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Of Mice And Men :: essays research papers

Of Mice and MenIn the myth Of Mice and Men, there are cardinal main characters, names George and Lennie. On their journey, they catch many different themes, such as the toughness of conduct and euthanasia. Friendship is also a very important theme, probably the most important, because these two throngs friendship grows and crumbles. The last theme is also very important it is the question of fate.Friendship is a very complicated word. What does it dream up? Does it mean constantly protecting mortal, looking out for them, or does it mean killing them you so someone else will non torture them? Whatever it means, it happens in this story in the midst of the two main characters, George and Lennie. George used Lennie for protection he also looked out for Lennies feelings. But he killed Lennie in his darkest hour, so he would not be tortured after Lennie killed Curlys wife. What does it mean? No one really knows the hole meaning. Life is hard, plain and simple. Nothing comes eas y to anyone, whether it is decision making someones fate or just giving one person who may be different respect. For all the characters in this book, something stands in the focal point of their life being perfect. Like George has to protect Lennie from being hurt mentally that also wants to fit in with the rest of the people. Or Crooks, who just happened to be, macabre and lame and has to sleep in a different bunkhouse than the rest of the farmhands. So life is hard and sometimes there is no way around it, but the surmount thing you can do is cope with it.Euthanasia means a rightful killing. This happens many times in the story, George killing Lennie and Carlson killing confects dog. But is there such thing as euthanasia? George was not quick when he had to kill his best friend, and Candy was not happy to go to his dog die. So what does that mean?Of Mice And Men essays research papers Of Mice and MenIn the story Of Mice and Men, there are two main characters, names Georg e and Lennie. On their journey, they encounter many different themes, such as the toughness of life and euthanasia. Friendship is also a very important theme, probably the most important, because these two peoples friendship grows and crumbles. The last theme is also very important it is the question of fate.Friendship is a very complicated word. What does it mean? Does it mean always protecting someone, looking out for them, or does it mean killing them you so someone else will not torture them? Whatever it means, it happens in this story between the two main characters, George and Lennie. George used Lennie for protection he also looked out for Lennies feelings. But he killed Lennie in his darkest hour, so he would not be tortured after Lennie killed Curlys wife. What does it mean? No one really knows the hole meaning. Life is hard, plain and simple. Nothing comes easy to anyone, whether it is deciding someones fate or just giving one person who may be different respect. For all t he characters in this book, something stands in the way of their life being perfect. Like George has to protect Lennie from being hurt mentally but also wants to fit in with the rest of the people. Or Crooks, who just happened to be, black and crippled and has to sleep in a different bunkhouse than the rest of the farmhands. So life is hard and sometimes there is no way around it, but the best thing you can do is cope with it.Euthanasia means a rightful killing. This happens many times in the story, George killing Lennie and Carlson killing Candys dog. But is there such thing as euthanasia? George was not happy when he had to kill his best friend, and Candy was not happy to see his dog die. So what does that mean?

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go over coupling was a pilot, a comic lecturer, a humorist, ashort story writer, and a novelist, to name a few of his more accomplishments. On November 30, 1835, SamuelLanghorne Clemens, otherwise known as Mark bridge,became the first man of any importance ever to be bornwest of the Mississippi River. He has become an icon asthe the Statesn writer. This is because his way of piececannot be simulated by Europeans or anyone else, due tothe fact that the western setting of America creates a wholenew atmosphere and style of writing. Mark Twain is aclassic American writer that acquired fame by using satire,writing with single-minded use of words, and by writing theway that most people think and speak. Twain writes withsingle-minded use of words, which is understood to beplain and simple, yet lock intelligent, which enhancesAmerican literature. He writes what comes into his mindwithout fear. This is an example from Huckleberry Finn ..."then comes a h-wack bum bumbumble-umble-um- bum-bum-bum-bum - and the thunderwould go rumbling and grumbling away" ... (Twain 45).This enriches American literature, because it is a cleverway, and the only way to make the reader actuall(a)y seem tohear and feel the sounds the writer is trying to convey. Thisis an example from Tom Sawyer " lop her back on thestabboard Ting-a-ling-ling chow ch-chow-wow chow".(Twain 15). This vernacular can be explained as a familiarspeech spoken around us all the time. It is the speech of theilliterate, the preliterate, the children, and the poor people(Bloom 46). This is actually a very intelligent style ofwriting, for it is difficult for an author to write in a different direct of dialect than they actually speak. The reader can tellthat this dialect isnt Twains own, since he doesnt writewith it in every fraction of the book. Huckleberry Finn issupposed to be written from Hucks point of view. Thestory is written as he would speak it, so mistakes inevitablyappear. However, this s ingle- minded dialect was worked,composed, and written by Twain. It was not donehaphazardly (Bloom 46). American literature would not bethe same if not for Twains ideas for ways of writing in away that spectacularly conveys the feelings of touch, sound,and sight by the use of single-minded words. Another waythat Mark Twain enriche... ...inded words captures thereaders attention, making them feel almost as if they are inthe book themselves. His masterful use of the vernacularportrays the speech of early rural America. Twains use ofthe vernacular lets the reader read more smoothly sincethey do not have to pay attention to the structuralsignificance of the word. Since Mark Twain was the firsttruly great western author to define American writing, hehas opened the way for many future authors to come.Works Cited Bloom, Harold. Interpretations of MarkTwains Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. NewYorkChelsea House Publishers, 1986. Clemens, Samuel L. TheAdventures of Huckleberry Finn. NewYork Dodd, Mead& Company, 1953. Clemens, Samuel L. The Adventuresof Tom Sawyer. NewYork Dodd, Mead & Company,1958.Http// "1647-1".ID. Kesterson, David B. ed. Critics on MarkTwain. Florida University of Miami Press, 1973.Rasmussen, Kent R. Mark Twain A to Z. NewYork Factson File, Inc., 1995. Stapleton, Michael, comp. TheCambridge Guide to English Literature. NewYorkCambridge University Press, 1983.

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Why Stalin Emerrged as the Leader of the USSR in 1929 rather than Trotsky :: essays research papers

Why did Stalin rather than Trotsky emerge as the leader of the USSR in 1929?A force-out struggle for control of the Bolshevik companionship began after Vladimir Lenins death in 1924. Among the several contenders, two of the most important names in this struggle were Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Ultimately, Stalin was adequate to(p) to secure power and vote out Trotsky. In the following essay I will discuss the reasons why Stalin rather than Trotsky emerged as the leader of the USSR in 1929.First of all, Stalin was lucky. Trotsky remained ill for most of the power struggle and Lenin died at an opportune time. Indeed, had Lenin lived, Stalin would probably have been sent to the provinces to work for the party. Dzerzhinsky, the head of the Cheka and political adversary to Stalin, likewise died fortuitously in 1926. His death facilitated the infiltration of Stalin?s supporters into the political police which Stalin eventually used against his opponents. It was also fortuna te for Stalin that Lenin?s testament was not publicized. If Lenin?s negative views on Stalin succeeding him had been aired, there would have been no possibility for Stalin?s victory.Another reason for Stalin?s victory was his influence over the party machine through his key positions in the Politburo and Orgburo and as General Secretary. This power allowed Stalin to appoint his supporters to key positions in the party. He also controlled the membership of the party by admitting members likely to support him and expelling those members likely to support Trotsky. Stalin?s control of appointments and membership also made him a valuable ally to other contenders who undeniable his ability to deliver votes in the congresses. Stalin was also politically skillful and cunning. In the Politburo, when matters of high policy were being discussed, Stalin never imposed his views on his colleagues. He carefully followed the course of the debate and invariably voted with the majority. To the par ty audiences he appeared devoid of personal grudge and rancour and even seemed to be a detached Leninist, a withstander of the doctrine who criticized others only for the sake of the cause. Stalin always adopted policies that were broadly approved by the majority of the Communist party. Hence, using his political dexterity, he maintained a good reputation within the party. Stalin also made full use of Lenin?s funeral to advance his position. He tricked Trotsky into not attending the funeral by letting him bash that he would never make it on time (of course this was not true).

Why Stalin Emerrged as the Leader of the USSR in 1929 rather than Trotsky :: essays research papers

Why did Stalin rather than Trotsky emerge as the attraction of the USSR in 1929?A power get by for control of the Bolshevik fellowship began after Vladimir Lenins death in 1924. Among the several contenders, two of the most important names in this struggle were Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Ultimately, Stalin was able to secure power and vote out Trotsky. In the following essay I will discuss the reasons why Stalin rather than Trotsky emerged as the leader of the USSR in 1929.First of all, Stalin was lucky. Trotsky remained ill for most of the power struggle and Lenin died at an opportune time. Indeed, had Lenin lived, Stalin would probably have been sent to the provinces to work for the party. Dzerzhinsky, the head of the Cheka and political thwarter to Stalin, also died fortuitously in 1926. His death facilitated the infiltration of Stalin?s supporters into the political police which Stalin eventually used against his opponents. It was also fortunate for Stalin that L enin?s testament was not publicized. If Lenin?s negative views on Stalin succeeding him had been aired, there would have been no possibility for Stalin?s victory.An other reason for Stalin?s victory was his influence everywhere the party machine through his key positions in the Politburo and Orgburo and as General Secretary. This power allowed Stalin to appoint his supporters to key positions in the party. He also controlled the membership of the party by admitting members likely to support him and expelling those members likely to support Trotsky. Stalin?s control of appointments and membership also made him a valuable ally to other contenders who needed his ability to deliver votes in the congresses. Stalin was also politically skillful and cunning. In the Politburo, when matters of high policy were being discussed, Stalin never imposed his views on his colleagues. He carefully followed the course of the debate and invariably voted with the majority. To the party audiences he ap peared devoid of personal grudge and rancour and even seemed to be a detached Leninist, a guardian of the doctrine who criticized others only for the sake of the cause. Stalin always adopted policies that were broadly approved by the majority of the Communist party. Hence, using his political dexterity, he retained a good reputation within the party. Stalin also made full use of Lenin?s funeral to advance his position. He tricked Trotsky into not attending the funeral by allow him know that he would never make it on time (of course this was not true).

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Abortion Poems Essay

Gewndolyn Brooks and Anne Sexton both wrote poems about the controversial subject of spontaneous abortion. Brooks wrote a poem titled The Mother which punctuate the physiological and ethical consequence of her choice. While in Sextons poem The Abortion the focus is to a greater extent on the emotions felt before and after the actual serve soundly of aborting the gratify. Yet both poems posses similar use of words to get a point across. The main way the authors did this is through the use of tone. The tone of these poems easily capture the reader to see just how easy it is to bed something is wrong, but do it anyway.In Brooks poem The Mother she selects words and expressions that give the poem an air travel of sadness. By formulation things such as You will never neglect or beat Them, or silence or buy with a sweet. it shows her craving to do things that mothers are generally thought to be good at. At the same time this also shows she is aware that she has essentially taken life and its experiences off from not only her unborn child but herself as well because she never gets the chance to do the things she speaks of. The title of the poem demonstrates this trough a paradox, she never actually got to be a Mother because she aborted her baby. The line in which she states, you will never end up sucking thumb reinforces all this as well as demonstrates her use of imaginativeness thought the entire poem.By creating such vivid images of things she and her child would have done it connects the reader on a more personal level because it gives them a chance to really imagine everything Brooks is saying. Having the connection and the images in their mind while knowing that the baby was aborted makes it all the more real, allowing the reader to feel similar emotions that the mother herself had felt such as sorrow and remorse. The remorseful feeling is really expressed towards the ending of the poem when in that respect is a change in whom she is addressing. Bro oks now begins to address the actual child that was aborted and ask for forgiveness while acknowledging she has done wrong by saying the crime was other than mine. She also tells the child that she loves them and that even in my deliberateness I was not deliberate. showing that she is sorry for what she has done even though she knew what she was acquire into when she did it. All of these things together give Brooks poem a remorseful tone that perfectly expresses how someone keep so easily do something they know deep down is wrong.In Sextons poem The Abortion the emotions she is feeling are expressed to the reader through the change setting. It begins while she still has the baby inside her and she uses words that make the world sound as though it is full of life such as puckering and puffing. She describes the landscape hilly mountainous and green, which is a color that symbolizes new life. Towards the end of the poem when returning from her abortion the setting is described in a more gloomy unfilled way. The sky had openhanded thin and the roads were flat. This shows the change in her emotions, just like the land she used to be full of life as well and afterwards she was empty and flat without a child in her womb. The first line of the poem Somebody who should have been born is gone. is an expression of her feelings on abortion. The statement itself lets the reader know right off the bat that she thinks abortion is wrong, yet she goes along and does it anyway.She does not even describe the actual process of aborting the baby as badly as one would imagine someone with that view on the subject would have. She makes an allusion to Rumplestilksen saying that the man who performed the abortion for her was nothing like him at all, basically meaning that she didnt feel the experience was horrible and as though he was forcing her to give up her first born child like Rumplestilksen had done in a fairy tale. The repetition of the first line thought the entire poe m expresses the regret she is feeling thought the entire experience of her abortion. She even calls herself a coward at the very end for doing such a thing. But none of that stopped her from getting the abortion done. The tone of regret Sexton set for this poem once again shows that its not at all hard to go ahead and do something they you are sure is wrong.Both of these women were well aware that getting an abortion, in their opinion, was wrong. They each expressed their regret and remorse through the wording of their poems and both poems were quite simple and soothing, something a child would understand. The poems described different aspects of abortion but stress the idea that having an abortion comes with the emotions of sadness, sorrow, and guilt. The reader is easily able to connect to the pome and understand the emotions that are being felt through the imagery used and tone set by the authors. But even with all of that both women still chose to abort their baby. Doing someth ing you know is wrong is something every reader can easily relate to and understand.

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Effects of Drinking Alcohol Essay

Drinking inebriant is like taking a drug. It is a form of drug abuse, and drug addiction. This is a worldwide problem that many an(prenominal) people are involved in. There are good effects of alcohol if it is in small dos, and in moderation. On the other hand there are bad gip and long term effects. The effects that a someone testament repulse are all based on certain factors like, how much and how often alcohol is consumed, the age of the person, when the person started and how long they have been beverage for, gender, their family history and last but not least based on their health.Lately scientists have been saying that a little bit of alcohol with dinner party is not only okay but it is too good for you. This is true in moderation. They say that if you bedevil a small amount of alcohol it will help you sleep. Also if you drink a soften amount every sidereal day it piece of ass help your health in the long run. A moderate amount is con military positionred to be 1 d rink for women daily and 2 drinks for men daily. This can help bring your HDL take up, which helps protect your heart against disease that causes heart attacks.Also a moderate amount of alcohol everyday can lower your risk of developing diabetes by increasing your insulin sensitivity. It can excessively raise good cholesterol levels. In the long run they have said that for women it helps keep the mind sharp in later years. Now when they slop nearly having a helpful amount of alcohol they mean small doses of it a day with a meal, so that the absorption rate is slowed down. Now this doesnt mean that a person should start drinking for the benefits that it gives, it just means that if you drink in moderation already it could be slightly helpful to you in the future.If you take advantage of that and drink in excess there are effects that you should be aware of. Contrary to some beliefs, alcohol is a depressant. This is the verso of a stimulator, meaning that it calms you down, and s lows down some organs in your body. Alcohol therefore has short term effects on your body. With about 0. 05% blood- alcohol level you start to get dulled judgment and your inhibitions are released. After that stage you start to get clumsy and will have slurred speech with about a 0. 10% blood-alcohol level.Once you come close to unconsciousness you have a 0. 30% blood-alcohol level. After that point it starts to get dangerous, because you can go into a coma at 0. 45%, and then at 0. 70% the brain starts to shut off and stop controlling things like breathing, and your heart, which will end up in death. These facts are not meant to scare you, because most people cant drink past 0. 40% because they are asleep. Some other short term effects include blackouts, where you cant remember what happened, and insomnia, where you cant fall asleep.While you are drinking you will be little alert, less aware of your surroundings, lose your muscular coordination, have difficulty walking, have blurr ed vision, and have slow reaction times. This can lead to accidents, injuries, and death. Also later drinking you may get a hangover the next morning which will include effects like headaches, nausea, thirst, heartburn, dizziness, and fatigue. If you are not careful with the amount of alcohol that you drink you can get some bad side-effects. Once you start to become addicted to alcohol you are considered an alcoholic.There are many long term effects that come along with drinking lots of alcohol for a prolonged amount of time. Drinking alcohol like this will damage your organs, like the brain, liver, stomach, intestines, and heart. The brain is affected, because brain cells die which leads to memory loss, confusion, learning difficulties, problems with attention, and brain disorders. The liver is effected, because cancer can develop there, and in like manner in the blab and throat. The stomach may acquire ulcers. From prolonged drinking you can have a stroke, or have heart failure .The nervous system can overly get damaged, and when this happens the person will get physical and behavioral problems. Impaired vision can also be a result of this type of drinking. It also affects your health. One reason for this is because alcohol is high in calories which can lead to obesity. Another reason is that poor nutrition normally comes side by side with lots of drinking. This could be because the alcohol interferes with the absorption and storage of the vitamins you get. Also the water soluble minerals get lost because of the increased urination that happens.Because of the lowered health you also have a lowered resistance to infections. Some other less serious effects of prolonged drinking are vomiting, profuse sweating, hallucinations, tremors, and sleep disturbances. only of these problems can quickly lead to injury to oneself or to others, violence, and death. Also it leads to a loss of employment, and a loss of family life. If you are addicted to alcohol or drink a lot of alcohol for a long period of time you will shorten your life span by about 12 years, and get a lot of serious side-effects.In conclusion alcohol can affect your life in a good or bad charge depending on how you drink, how often you drink, and how much you drink. It is better to drink in moderation, and responsibly. This normally means drinking only 1 to 2 glasses a day with a meal, and to also have a healthy diet that goes along with that. Otherwise the health benefits of drinking alcohol are gone, and replaced with some horrible side-effects. Everyone can make their own decision on what drinking in moderation is and what drinking responsibly means, but everyone should be informed with the facts.

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Chpl 500

The Early History of The Chaplaincy Liberty University Theological Seminary A Writing assignment Presented to Dr. Steve Smith In partial fulfillment for the course Introduction to Chaplaincy ministry CHPL 500 By Watson Rugano (L223514216) May 17th, 2011 Although it is still open for debate, thither are suggestions that chaplaincy, as a function in the military, can be traced in the Old Testament. Consider the battle of the Israelites and the Amalekites.The children of Israel experienced victory as dour Moses held his hands up in Prayer to God. Another example that is discussed in the book deals with the Priests who carried the Ark of the Covenant in some of the battles the Israelites were engaged in. Gideon is also looked at as playing the roles of a prophet, priest, and general. Doris Bergen is of the opinion that, pointing to ancient precedents lends legitimacy and prestige to modern military chaplaincies, but it does not always accurately always reflect discipline in the past. T he word chaplain as we know it today was coined from the Latin word capellanus which was derived from what Doris Bergen says was the great royal relic of the patron saint of the Franks, the cappa. But evidence of chaplains incidental soldiers in battle was first noted with the Romans army in fifth century. Some of the duties that they performed involved caring for them by offering prayers and conducting mass. But an important horizon in the duties of the chaplain in those early days is best understood by a term Doris Bergen credits to Michael McCormick, which is, liturgy of war. In liturgy of war, the chaplains were not save part of an effort to achieve victory, they also represented a promise to warriors that their actions were just as nice. Some liturgical texts contain words uttered by soldiers in battle suggesting the influence of religion. The Roman soldiers were known to cry out loud, Nobiscum, Deus -God is with us The Frankish warriors on the other hand would, togethe r with their king, border district around their camp in procession, singing kyries and responding to their assembled priests chants To Lord Charles and his army of the Franks, long life and victory with the proto-Romance refrain, Tu lo juval (O God) Help him. The liturgy of war reveals how those entrusted with the spiritual care of the soldiers were use and also how those soldiers were affected by the words of the religious men among them. Constantine is known to have claimed seeing a vision of the cross which was an indication of divine help. And if his soldiers were to headstone the symbol of the cross on their shields then, victory would be granted.His victory over the Roman Empire begun what was to be the Christianization of the conquered territory. But it was during the rise of the Carolingian monarchy that seems to have changed the floor of war rituals. Doris Bergen mentions three factors that contributed to this change. These were, interest in performance of liturgy, natu re of warfare had changed and ambition of the new monarchy which believed that both their activities were divinely sanctioned and that the ruler bore in the flesh(predicate) responsibility for subjects minds and souls.The revival of liturgy credited to the Carolingians and the application of a different kind of warfare in the middle east by the warriors of the first raise up that resulted in great success, would later give birth to what Doris calls A new kind of war, a crusade, and with it, the liturgical rites that appeared to have stood the warriors of God in such good stead. Swathed in the success of the conquest of Jerusalem, the future of the liturgy of war was assured.

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Ancient Views of the Concept of Marriage and the Family Essay

There argon several(prenominal) aspects that constitute social heart. These aspects include family, religion, leisure, sexuality, intellectual and creativity. The aforementioned aspects are evident in the past literature. However, both the westbound and the einsteiniumern had different views regarding these social aspects. The paper discusses western and easterly views of social life and responsibilities in ancient literature. To narrow down the research, marriage and the family were chosen. Both Western and the Eastern writers had different views regarding various issues surrounding marriage and the family. quaint literature dates back A.D 476, and it underwent a series of transformations until the 16th century. During ancient times, many, philosophers and writers used various forms of writing to pass their messages. These forms included poetry, narration and even writing on stones. The recorded ancient from Greek, Egypt, Persia, Europe and some parts of Asia shows signifi dis regardt similarities and differences. To understand the matter introduced, we can consider views from the Greece and Persia, and compare them with views from Asia and Egypt. In these countries, a lot was written regarding social life and responsibilities. We shall also consider several works by different authors to provide the arguments presented.SimilaritiesBoth the Western and Eastern literature talked ab kayoed marriage and the family and the roles of the parties involved. A right-hand(a) exemplar is Homers Novel, Iliad, which have several scenes of love and romance. star of its themes is military glory over family life. According to the newfangled, family is depicted as an important institution amid ii people. Homer constantly forces the characters in his writings to barf the interests of their loved ones. From the novel, it is clear that a complete marriage can only be possible between a man and a woman. In addition, the novel suggests that women had a role to take care of their children while men went out for war. This was the case in Eastern parts of the world. Israel writers such as Jim West exclamatory on the role of women in the family. He suggests that women were seen as custodians of their families. The two writings show similar characteristics regarding mens responsibilities. The Iliad by Homer suggests that men had a responsibility to protect their families from any form of attacks. A close examination of these ancient works portrays men as muscular persons who were supposed to protect the interests of the societies. further, the ancient literatures by Euripides from Greece suggest that both man and a woman must complement one another. The same is shown by Emily Teeter, an Eastern ancient writer. In his novel, old-fashioned Egyptian and Family Life, Teeter points out that men and women are equal parties in the marriage. However, the novel suggests that ancient women from Egypt had a role to attend markets while men carried out hard job s, which were suitable for the survival of the family (Minchin 22).Both Western and Eastern ancient literature values morals in family matters. The following are various examples in hurt of this claim. Western ancient writers such as Plato and Aristotle came up with several ethical frameworks which were supposed to guide the members of the family. Marriage and the family were highly valued by these two great writers. According to Platos writings, family members were supposed to be guided by ethics of virtues. The writer came up with four virtues which are prudence, duty of care, love, justice and integrity. Moreover Eastern writers from Egypt and Israel valued ethics. A good example is The Pyramid Texts of Egypt, which talks about the journey of the soul to the eternity. The Pyramid is considered as literature because it has some chaste lessons. They taught couples to practice ethics whenever they deal with each other. The literature suggests that a marriage is a journey that oug ht to have follow ethics (Pearson 234).DifferencesThere are several differences between the Eastern and Western views of the marriage and the family as depicted in the ancient literature. The first one is the structure of the family. Eastern literature suggests that families in the East by 14th century were dominated by the husband. Women are depicted as subjects to men. According to a journal article, Ancient Israelite Marriage Customs by Jim West, men in ancient Israel were given more powers, which were dictated by the society. This is quite different Western view of the same issue. According to Homers novel, The Oddesy, women in the Western world during the ancient times were almost equal to men. Homer uses a number of women to show their roles in the society. A good example is where he uses examples of Circe and Calypso who never entertained exploitation from their male counterparts. However, Homer presents a way in which womens status was lowered. In the novel, there are exampl es of women who only existed to satisfy mens sexual desires. According to this ancient work, this ruined the institution of marriage. From this we get a very crucial difference between the Western and Eastern view of the family. While Homer suggests that prostitution could happen freely in the Western world, this was highly discouraged in Eastern Literature. In fact, any woman who was found guilty of the offence was stoned to death. Most of the ancient Eastern writings make a lot of references to the Bible. A good example is presented in the journal article mentioned above. According to Eastern culture, it was wrong for a woman to make love with another man, apart from her husband. Surprisingly, men were allowed to do so. This shows that women presented in Eastern literature had little control of their life. Everything they did was already stipulated by the society (McDemont 67).Another key difference in the two views is the attitudes towards abortion. This was a particular issue i n marriage and the family. The Eastern view suggests that couples married to procreate and fill the earth. As already mentioned an above, this was another reference of the Holy Bible. Israelites were among the communities that valued life and children. Ancient Greeks and Romans accepted abortion. They were not much concerned to protect unborn children. Early philosophers argued that it took 40 -80 days for a fetus to be formed. According to Aristotle, an Ancient philosopher, couples could practice abortion before sense of life had begun. He however believed that female embryos developed slowly than male ones. With regards to the subject of abortion, things were stickier in Eastern parts. Eastern culture did not allow abortion to take course in the society. The Eastern view regarding abortion was that anyone who caused miscarriage, he or she had to pay a okay to the husband of the woman. The literature suggests that fetus was a property and it needed to be safeguarded by all means. This suggests that everyone in the Eastern society had a responsibility to support human life (Pepe 45).From the above analysis, it can be noted that both the Eastern and Western views on family had similarities and differences. Ancient Eastern writers seem to have been influenced greatly by the Bible in their writing. On the other hand, Western writers were critical on a given subject matter, and they often differed in opinions.ReferencesMcDermott, M. H. Novel and court The Odyssey to Tom Jones. Diss. The New University of Ulster, 1975.Minchin, Elizabeth. Homer and the resources of memory some applications of cognitive theory to the Iliad and the Odyssey. (2001).Pepe, L. Abortion in ancient Greece. XIX Symposion of Greek and Hellenistic Law. 2013.Pearson, Lionel. Popular ethics in ancient Greece. Stanford University Press, 1962.Source document

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Discussion Post Essay

New Format Requested this week While the format is to be changed thisweek, you are still required to make 3 postings one original post and comment on two other students post. accredited POST REQUIREMENTS You are to apply the major topics c everywhereed in the course (finance/accounting, economics, marting) to your troupe and provide an analysts report. 1) (Apply Marketing techniques to) create an interesting, odd or otherwise attractive catch line (humor works great for me ) as your post title.Make a recommendation (can be here AND in your subject line) (some of you may not feel you have enough experience where your opinion (i. e. , recommendation) is worth something in this world. however note, you may have much experience NOW than some analysts at major investment banking houses (scary I know )) 3)(Use your corporate report to) provide certain and specific quantitative analysis of your company. DONT repeat your entire report. but provide highlights.. as some examples Net Inco me rose 20% from 2008-2011 to $1. 35 billion Expenses 15% Shareholder equity (highlights mean outlyers of data.. especially NEGATIVE information 4) (Use some economics learned. predict macro and micro futures).. tell what Macro world events have implyed your company (global eco slow-down. price of oil) .. even micro events (consumption among consumers was down due to. )provide sensitivities for world events on your corporation and how it will affect that companys future activities. Provide predictions about future macro economic events and how your company will react going forward.The Network & position Systems segment is engaged in the research, development, production and modification of products and services to assist its nodes in transforming their operations through network integration, information, intelligence and surveillance systems, communication, architectures and space exploration. The globular Services & Support segment is engaged in the operations , maintenance, training, upgrades and logistics support functions for military platforms and operations. The Boeing Capital Corporation segment facilitates, arranges structures and provides selective financing solutions for its commercial airplanes customers. In the space and defense markets, it primarily arranges and structures financing solutions for its Boeing Defense, Space & Security government customers.Its portfolio consists of equipment under operating leases, finance leases, notes and other receivables, assets held for sale or re-lease and investments. The company was founded by William Edward Boeing in 1916 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL. http//www. marketwatch. com/investing/stock/ba/profile 2) The Boeing Company has a long history of providing complex systems and integrated assemblys to its customers. 3) The Boeing Company is headquartered in Chicago IL. In 1997 Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merged to form what is the Boeing Company of today. This was approximatel y 1 year after Boeing acquired Rock comfortably Corporations Space and Defense division.The company has over 249 subsidiaries. The largest competitor on the commercial side is Airbus a division of EDS and the largest competitor on the Defense, Space and Security side is Lockheed Martin with many other companies line drive up for second place. In order for Boeing to maintain its market share the company has had to continually research and develop new products in twain major business units. Notes for special consideration 1. Cash and cash equivalents increased from $5,359 billion to $10,049 billion from 2010 to 2011 2. Retained Earnings rose from $24,784 billion to $27,524 billion during the extent of 2010 to 2011 3. Net Earnings rose from $1.3 billion in 2009 to $4. 02 billion in 2011 4) Boeing is a company that is always going to be challenged. The challengers for the Defense, Space and Security market typically have come from within the US but that is starting to change. EADS wh ich is the largest defense business in Europe is continually trying to enter US markets. Also Airbus which is a subsidiary of EADS is the most prominent competitor in the commercial segment but many countries such as Japan, China, Brazil and Canada are working very hard to position themselves as challengers to the commercial market. This will be a challenge for Boeing and Airbus for the next several decades.Commercial airline customers and airlines will continue to demand enhancements and improvements to the commercial airplanes and the service / cost associated with the. This will continue to drive performance by the manufacturers including Boeing which is the industry leader. The US government acquisition may decline depending on the outcome of the presidential and congressional elections. Boeing and its competitors in those markets will look toward no US markets to sell their products. Continued increase in energy and material cost will drive Boeings focus on keeping costs down. 5) Research and development are the single most most-valuable factor in keeping Boeing relevant for the future. Research and development expense amounted to $3. 9 billion, $4. 1 billion and $6.5 billion in 2011, 2010 and 2009, respectively. In 2009 this included $2. 7 billion alone for the new 787 commercial aircraft. Research and development costs also include bid and proposal efforts related to government products and services, as well as costs incurred in excess of amounts estimated to be recoverable under cost sharing research and development agreements. Bid and proposal costs were $332 one thousand million, $355 million and $343 million in 2011, 2010 and 2009 respectively. R&D within the Defense, Space and Security business unit is primarily focused on supporting customer requirements and providing new technologies to meet the needs of military, security and space agencies.

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Fool Chapter 23

TWENTY-THREEDEEP IN THE DUNGEONMy bum, said Lear, as the guards dragged me into the dungeon. Bring him here, and unhand him. The erst sequence(a) bit looked stronger, more alert, aware. Bar pouf orders again. unless with the command he commenced a coughing fit that ended with a property of blood on his white beard. Drool held a water skin for the old man while he drank.Weve a beating to deliver, first, said one of the guards. Then youll wealthy person your fool, well striped as well as checkered.Not if you privation whatsoever of these buns and ale, said blab. Shed come down another stairway and was carrying a basket covered with cloth and steaming the most delectable fragrance of freshly baked bread. A flask of ale was slung over her shoulder and a bundle of clothes tucked under her free arm.Or well beat the fool and take your buns as well, said the younger of the two guards, one of Edmunds men and obviously not aware of the pecking order at the White Tower. sod God, St. G eorge, and the white-bearded king if you must, but woe unto you if you crossed the cantankerous cook c exclusivelyed Bubble, for thered be grit and grubs baked into all youd ever eat until the poi word of honor finally took you.Youll not want to press that bargain, mate, said I.The fools wearing the kit of one of my servers, said Bubble, and the boys shivering naked in my kitchen. Bubble threw a bundle of black tog through the parallel bars into the cell with Drool and Lear. Heres the fools motley. Now strip, you rascal, and let me get back to my business.The guards were laughing now. Well, go on, petty(a) one, get your kit off, said the elderly guard. Weve hot buns and ale waiting.I undressed in straw man of the lot of them, old Lear protesting from time to time, like anyone gave a hot bootful of piss what he had to secern anymore. When I was radiant naked, the guards unlocked the door and I crept over to the bundle. Yes My knives where there, secreted in with the rest. With a bit of sleight o hand and a distraction from Bubble handing discover buns and ale, I was able to secure them inside my jerkin when I dressed.Two other guards joined the two outside of our cell and shared the bread and ale. Bubble waddled back up the stairs, shooting me a wink as she went.The king are melancholy, Pocket, said Drool. We should sing him a song and cheer him up.Sod the sod king, said I, looking at directly into Lears hawk eye.Watch yourself, boy, said Lear.Or what? Youll hold my mother down while shes raped, then throw her in the river? engender my father killed later, then? Oh, wait. Those threats are no longer valid, are they, uncle? Youve carried them out already.What are you on about, boy? The old man looked fearsome, as if hed forgotten hed been do by like so much chattel and thrown in a cage full of clowns, but instead faced a fresh affront.You. Lear. Do you remember? A stone bridge in Yorkshire, some twenty-s eve years ago? You called a farm girl up from the riverbank, a bonny little thing, and held her down while you commanded your brother to rape her. Do you remember, Lear, or make water you done so much evil that it all blends into a spectacular black swath in your memory?His eyes went wide then, I could tell he remembered.Canus Aye, your poxy brother sired me then, Lear. And when no one would believe my mother that her son was the bastard of a prince, she drowned herself in that same river where you threw her that mean solar solar day. entirely this time I guide called you nuncle who would have thought it unbent?It is not true, he said, his voice quivering.It is true And you know it, you decrepit old poke44 of bones. A warp of villainy and a woof of greed are all that hold you together, thou desiccated dragon.The cardinal guards had gathered at the bars and peered in as if they were the ones who were imprisoned.Blimey, said one of the guards.Cheeky little tosser, said another.No song, then? asked Drool.Lear shook his finger at me then, so angry was he that I could see blood moving in the veins of his forehead. You shall not speak to me in this way. You are less than nothing. I pick off you from the gutter, and your blood will run in the gutter on my word before sundown.Will it, nuncle? My blood may run but it will not be on your word. On your word your brother may have died. On your word your father may have died. On your word your queen may have died. But not this princely bastard, Lear. Your word is but wind to me.My daughters will Your daughters are upstairs, fighting over the bones of your kingdom. They are your captors, you old-fashioned nutter.No, they You sealed this cell when you killed their mother. Theyve both just told me as much.Youve seen them? He seemed strangely hopeful, as if I powerfulness have forgotten to bring the good news from his traitorous daughters.Seen them? Ive bushy them. Silly, really, that it should matter, after all his dark deeds, all his slights and cruelti es, that a fool should shag his daughters, but it did matter, and it was a way to unleash a little of the fury I felt toward him.You have not, said Lear.You have? asked one of the guards.I stood then, and strutted a bit for my audience, plus it was a better position for excoriation my heel into Lears soul. All I could see was the water closing over my mothers head, all I could hear was her screams as Lear held her. I shagged them both, repeatedly, and with relish. Until they screamed, and begged and whimpered. I shagged them on the parapets overlooking the Thames, in the towers, under the table in the abundant hall, and once, I shagged Regan on a platter of pork in front of Muslims. I shagged Goneril in your own bed, in the chapel, and on your throne which was her idea, by the way. I shagged them while servants watched and in case you were wondering, because they asked, and as any princess should be shagged, for the pure sweet nasty of it. And they they did it because they hate you.Lear had been wailing while I ranted, trying to drown me out. Now he growled, They do not. They love me all. They have said.You murdered their mother, you decrepit loony Theyve put you in a cell in your own dungeon. What do you need, a written decree? I tried to shag the hate out of them, nuncle, but some cures lie beyond a jesters talents.I wanted a son. Their mother would give me none.Im sure if they had know that they wouldnt have despised you so deeply and done me so well.My daughters wouldnt have you. You didnt have them.Oh, I did, on my black hearts blood, I did. And when it first started, each of them would bitch Father when she came. I wonder why. Oh yes, nuncle, I did indeed. And they wanted you to know thats why they accuse me before you. Oh yes, I bonked them both.No, wailed Lear.Me, too, said Drool, with a great juicy grin. Beggin your pardon, he quickly added.But not today? asked one of the guards. Right?No, not today, you sterning(a) nitwit. Today I killed the m.The French marched overland from the southeast and sailed ships up the Thames from the east. The lords of Surrey on the south showed no resistance and since Dover lay in the County of Kent, the forces of the banished earl not only offered no resistance, but joined the French in the assault on London. Theyd marched and sailed across England without firing a single bolt or losing a single man. From the White Tower the guards could see the fires of the French drawing a great orange crescent in the night that illuminated the sky to the east and south.When the captain made the call to arms at the stronghold, one of Lears old knights or squires, under the command of Captain Curan, put a blade to the throat of any of Edmunds or Regans men, demanding they yield or die. The personal guard forces within the castle had all been drugged by the kitchen staff with some mysterious non-lethal poison that mimicked the symptoms of death.Captain Curan sent a message to the Duke of Albany from the F rench queen that if he stood down, in fact, stood with her, that he could return to Albany with his forces, his lands, and his title intact. Gonerils forces from Cornwall, and Edmunds from Gloucester, camped on the west side of the Tower, found they were flanked on the south and east by the French, and on the north by Albany. Archers and crossbowmen were dispatched to the Tower walls above the Cornwall army and a herald fought his way through the panicked forces to a commander, carrying the message that the forces of Cornwall were to lay down their weapons on the spot or death would rain down upon them such as they could not imagine.No one was willing to die for the cause of Edmund, bastard of Gloucester, or the nonviable Duke of Cornwall. They laid down their weapons and marched three leagues to the west as instructed.In two hours it was all over. Out of nearly thirty thousand men who took the field at the White Tower, barely a dozen were killed all of those, Edmunds castle guar ds who refused to yield.The four guards lay spread about the dungeon in various awkward positions, looking quite dead.Dodgy sodding poison, said I. Drool, see if you can reach the one with the keys.The native stretched through the bars, but the guard was too far away.I hope Curan knows were down here.Lear looked around wild-eyed again, as if his madness had returned. What is this? Captain Curan is here? My knights?Of course Curan is here. From the sound of the trumpets Id produce hes taken the castle, as was the plan.All your theater was misdirection, then? said the king. Youre not angry?Burning, you old twat, but I was growing weary with keeping the tirade up while the bloody poison took hold. Youre no less a turd in the milk of human kindness than I have said.No, said the old man, as if my raise actually mattered to him. He began coughing again and caught a handful of blood for his effort. Drool propped him up and wiped his face. I am king. I will not be judged by you, fool.Not just a fool, nuncle. Your brothers son. Did you have Kent murder him? The only decent bloke in your service and you turned him into an assassin, eh?No, not Kent. It was another, not evening a knight. A free fall who had come before the magistrate. It was he who Kent killed. I sent Kent after the assassin.He is vexed by it still, Lear. Did you have a cutpurse kill your father as well?My father was a leper and necromancer. I could not bear his misshapen form ruling Britain.In your place, you mean?Yes, in my place. Yes. But I did not send an assassin. He was in a cell at the temple at Bath. Out of the way, where no one might ever see him. But I could not take the throne until his death. I did not kill him, though. The priests there simply walled him up. Was time that killed my father.You walled him up? quick? I was shaking now, I thought I might have forgiven the old man, seeing him suffer, but now I could hear my blood in my ears.The sound of boots on stone echoed in the dungeon a nd I looked up to see the bastard Edmund walk into the torchlight.He kicked one of the unconscious guards and looked at them like hed just discovered monkey come in his Weetabix.45 Well, thats a spot of bother, isnt it? he said. I suppose Ill have to kill you myself, then. He stooped and took a crossbow from one of the guards back, fit his foot in the stirrup, and cocked the string.INTERMISSION(Backstage with the Players)Pocket, you rascal, youve trapped me in a comedy.Well, for some, it is, yes.When I saw the touch I thought tragedy was assured.Aye, theres eer a bloody ghost in a tragedy.But the mistaken identity, the vulgarity, the lightness of theme and paucity of ideas, surely its a comedy. Im not dressed for comedy, Im all in black.As am I, yet here we are.So it is a comedy.A black comedy I knew it.For me, anyway.Tragedy, then?Bloody ghost is foreshadowing, innit?But all the gratuitous shagging and tossing?Brilliant misdirection.Youre having me on.Sorry, no, its pikemans sur prise for you in the next scene.Im slain then?To the great satisfaction of the audience.Oh bugger But theres good news, too.Yes?It remains a comedy for me.God, youre an annoying little git.Hate the play, not the player, mate. Here, let me hold the curtain for you. Do you have any plans for that silver dagger? After youre gone, I mean.A bloody comedy Tragedies always end with tragedy, Edmund, but life goes on, doesnt it? The winter of our discontent turns inevitably to the spring of a new adventure. Again, not for you.Ive neer killed a king, said Edmund. Do you think Ill be famous because of it?Youll not garner favor with your duchesses by killing their father, said I.Oh, those two. Like these guards, quite dead, Im afraid. They were sharing some wine over maps as they planned strategy for the battle and fell down foaming. Pity.These guards arent dead. Merely drugged. Theyll come around in a day or so.He lowered the crossbow. Then my ladies are only sleeping?Oh no, theyre quite de ad. I gave them each two vials. One with poison, the other with brandy. Bubble used the knockout poison on the guards, so brandy was our non-lethal substitute. If either of them had decided to show mercy for the other, at least one would be alive. But, as you said, pity.Oh, well played, fool. But, that said, Ill have to throw myself on Queen Cordelias mercy, let her know that I was brought into this horrid conspiracy against my will. Perhaps Ill retain the Gloucester title and lands.My daughters? Dead? said Lear.Oh shut up, old man, said Edmund.They was fit, said Drool sadly.But when Cordelia hears of what youve really done? I asked.Which brings us to our apex, doesnt it? You wont be able to tell Cordelia what has transpired.Cordelia, my one true daughter, wailed Lear.Shut the fuck up, said Edmund. He raised the crossbow, sighted through the bars at Lear, then stepped back and seemed to lose his aim, as one of my throwing daggers sprouted out of his boob with a thud.He lowered the crossbow and looked at the hilt of the knife. But you said pikemans surprise?Surprise, said I.Bastard snarled the bastard. He pulled the crossbow up to fire, this time at me, and I sent the second dagger into his right eye. The crossbow twanged and the heavy bolt rattled off the stone ceiling as Edmund spun and fell onto the pile of guards.That were smashing, said Drool.Youll be rewarded, fool, said Lear, his voice rattling with blood. He coughed.Nothing, Lear, said I. Nothing.Then there was a womans voice in the chamber Ravens cry pork from the battlements, theres dead Edmund on the wind and bird beaks water at his scoundrel scentThe ghost. She stood over Edmunds body outside our cell, rather more ethereal and less solid than shed been when give out Id seen her. She looked up from the dead bastard and grinned. Drool whimpered and tried to hide his head behind Lears white mane.Lear tried to wave her away, but the ghost floated to the bars in front of him. Ah, Lear, walled up your f ather, did you? And?Go away, tint, do not vex me.Walled up your daughters mother, didnt you? said the ghost.She was unfaithful cried the old man.No, said the ghost. She was not.I sat down on the cell floor, feeling light-headed now. Killing Edmund had made me queasy, but this. The anchoress at Dog Snogging was your queen? I asked, my voice sounding faraway in my own ears.She was a sorceress, said Lear. And she consorted with my brother. I did not kill her. I could not bear it. I had her imprisoned at the abbey in Yorkshire.Well you dump well killed her when you had her walled up I shouted.Lear cowered at my veracity. She was unfaithful, having dalliance with one of the local boys. I could not bear the thought of her with another.So you ordered her walled up.Yes Yes And the boy was hanged. YesYou heinous monsterShe did not give me a son, either. I wanted a son.She gave you Cordelia, your favorite.And she was true to you, said the ghost. Up to the time you sent her away.No The old king tried to wave the ghost away again.Oh yes. And you had your son, Lear. For years you had your son.I had no son.Another farm girl you took near another battlefield, this one in Iberia.A bastard? I have a bastard son?I saw hope rise in Lears cold hawk eye and I wanted to strike it out the way that Regan had taken Gloucesters. I unsheathed the last of my throwing daggers.Yes, said the ghost. You had a son, these many years, and you lie in his arms now.What?The Natural is your son, said the ghost.Drool? said I.Drool? said Lear.Drool, said the ghost.Da said Drool. And he gave his newfound father a great, arm-rippling hug. Oh Da There was a cracking of bones and the sickly sound of air escaping wet, crushed lungs. Lears eyes bulged out of his head and his parchment-dry skin began to go blue as Drool gave him a lifetime of sons love all in a moment.When the whistling sounds stopped coming out of the old man I went to Drool and pried his arms off, then lowered Lears head to the floor. Let loose, lad. Let him go.Da? said Drool.I closed the old mans crystal-blue eyes. Hes dead, Drool.Tosser said the ghost. She spat, a tiny gob of ghost spit that came out as a moth and fluttered away.I stood then and spun on the ghost. Who are you? What injustice has been done that can be undone so your spirit may rest, or will at least make you go away, thou ether-limbed irritation?The injustice has been undone, said the ghost. At last.Who are you?Who am I? Who am I? Your answer is in a knock, good Pocket. Knock upon your coxcomb, and ask that trifling machine of thought wherefrom comes his art. Knock upon your cod, and ask the small house physician who wakes him in the night. Knock upon your heart, and ask the spirit there who woke it to the warmth of its home fire ask that tender ghost who is this ghost before you.Thalia, said I, for I could, at last see her. I fell to my knees before her.Aye, lad. Aye. She put her hand on my head. Arise, Sir Pocket of Dog Snogging.But, why? Wh y did you never say you were a queen? Why?He had my daughter, my sweet Cordelia.And you always knew of my mother?I heard stories, but I didnt know who your father was, not while I lived.Why didnt you tell me of my mother?You were a little boy. Thats not the sort of story for a little boy.Not so little you wouldnt have me off through an arrow loop.That was later. I was going to tell you, but he had me walled up.Because we were caught?The ghost nodded. He always had a problem with the purity of others. never his own.Was it horrible? I had tried not to think of her, alone in the dark, dying of hunger and thirst.It was lonely. I was always lonely, except for you, Pocket.Im sorry.Youre a love, Pocket. Good-bye. She reached through the bars and touched my cheek, like the slightest brush of silk it was. Care for her.What?She started to float toward the far wall where the body of Edmund lay.She said After grave offense to daughters three,Soon the king a fool shall be. Nooooooo, wailed Drool . My old da is dead.No he isnt, said Thalia. Lear wasnt your father. I was having you on.She faded away and I started to laugh and she was gone.Dont laugh, Pocket, said Drool. I are an orphan.And she didnt even hand us the bloody keys, said I.Heavy footsteps fell on the stairs and Captain Curan appeared in the passage with two knights. Pocket Weve been looking for you. The day is ours and Queen Cordelia approaches from the south. What of the king?Dead, said I. The king is dead.

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Evolution of the Erp Systems Essay

American action and Inventory Control Society (2001) defines ERP as an accounting administration for effective planning and arrogant of all the resources needed to take, make, ship and account for customer orders in a manufacturing, distribution or service company. ERP system creates values for the enterprises beca affair successful death penalty enhances the overall functions of the enterprise, reduces resource wastages, saves time and cuts down on total cost.By having a system which models after some of the best practices in the industry and adheres quick to the laws and regulations, these enterprises gain competitive advantages over their industry rivals. The purpose of this research paper provides discussion on how ERP systems evolve from the ancient Legacy systems, describes the features and structure of an ERP/ ERP II system and compares the top five ERP vendors most popular products. The last section concludes with the future outlook of ERP II systems. Legacy brasssLegac y systems are systems that no longer reliever the current business objectives or are inhibiting future developments (Kelly 2004). The ancient Legacy systems mentioned here refer to the obsolete I. T systems during or before the mid twentieth Century. They functioned within a department (silos of information) to fulfill narrow and limited job processes. At that time, departmental heads and staff seldom communicated among themselves (stovepipes). This led to inefficient and inaccurate selective information duplications. (Oleary 2000).Evolution of the ERP Systems Ancient Legacy systems of the 1960s used the mainframe technology to automate their inventory control (IC) systems with IC software packages implemented and customized in-house to suit the running(a) business concepts of information silos and stovepipes. The programming languages were COBOL, FORTRAN and ALGOL (Rashid, Hossain & Patrick 2002 Pairat 2005 Monk and Wagner 2009). Back then, Bill of Material (BOM) calculated the i nventory demands for all item parts required for product assemblies during manufacturing.By the 1970s, the manufacturing businesses were growing with more complexities. As BOM overlooked the planning process, Work Centre Routing existed as a production process planner. BOM, Routing, Inventory Management and the Master Production Schedule (MPS) combined to form an automated system called Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) for controlling and optimizing inventory level, production planning, sales forecasting and scheduling of the major items on the shop floor. Anderson 2001). MRP II evolved from MRP as a response to Total Quality Management (TQM) in the 1980s. By integrating MRP with the other management functions of the enterprise such as Engineering, Project Management, Logistics, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources, feedbacks for production decision making processes became more efficient and resource optimizations were realized (Anderson 2001).The advancements in Tele communications devices, network architecture, Database Management System (DBMS), sophisticated software development and programming languages in UNIX and C paved the favourable way for an integrated information system (Monk and Wagner 2009). Economic recession in the late 1980s urged companies to shift their focus into cross functional business processes. In addition, Hammer and Champy (1993) envisioned an enterprise-wide integration system for a Business member Reengineering (BPE). These factors prompted the I.T System Vendors to respond with a tightly knitted centralized ERP system (with a single database) which integrates all the functions of a world-wide organization to ensure running(a) excellence, automation of the internal system and the ability to handle multiple currencies and international languages (Subramoniam et al. 2009). Features and Structure of An ERP/ ERP II System Nowadays, the era for ERP II systems has Extended ERP by adding applications for out-of-door parti es supplying the business transactions and market analysis to the core EPR modules.ERP system benefits medium enterprises in all industries instead of only the large organizations with applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Knowledge Management (KM), Inventory Optimization the rest (Mallick 2011 Nicolescu et al. 2009). ERP system and ERP II system use either Two-tier or Three-tier Architecture.Two-tier clientserver Architecture simplifies the number of disparate systems in an organization. An ERP solution runs on a server while several cooccurring users run the same standardized template (equal server-load) in other locations of the other work. End users work on the Presentation layer and Business layer. Access to the Database layer is restricted from their PCs. (Anderson 2001 Gill 2011 Howitz 2010). Whereas Three-tier Architecture separates the Client-Tier (Presentation layer) from its Application Server (Business logic layer) to minimize interaction between them.

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The Nonverbal Decoding Ability

1. Bonnet, C. (1993). Adoption at support prevention against abandonment or neonaticide. Child Ab in confine Negl, 17(4), 501-13. This study aims to clarify roughly of the anomalies that exist in the midst of abandoning a youngster at a public place and the choices made by the parents at the judgment of conviction of the birth of a child. 2. Bowen, E. , & Nowicki, S. (2007). The Nonverbal Decoding Ability of Children Exposed to Family Violence or Maltreatment prospective Evidence from a British Cohort. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 31(3), 169-184.This study outlined as to how the exposure of children to family force and maltreatment in first four years of age can influence a childs expression of fear and other related psychological issues. 3. Buller, David. (2005). adapting minds evolutionary psychology and the persistent pursuit for human nature. MIT Press New York. This book presents a philosophical analysis of evolutionary psychology and discusses both(prenominal) of the most important works in this field. 4. Castellucci & Plum. (1999). Ethics and Adoption Indeed. Retrieved 24 April 2009 from http//www. bastards. org/bq/bq11/ebdrep. htmThese are some of the notes from Evan B Donaldson Symposium on Ethics and Adoption and basically discuss some of the work presented by the participants in that symposium. 5. Conte, J. R. , & Schuerman, J. R. (1987). Factors associated with an change magnitude impact of child sexual pace. Child Abuse & Neglect, 11(2), 201. This study dealt with the factors in assessing the impact of sexual contumely on children. Results indicated that there are variable results indicating different degree of variability of the results. 6. Daro, D. , & McCurdy, K. (n. d. ). Preventing child tread and send away programmatic interventions.Child Welfare, 73(5), 405. This study provides an insight into how the prevention efforts at altering such(prenominal) behaviors can contribute towards the overall endangerment to the children and the families. This study further discusses as to what we know intimately the efficacy and efficiency of such efforts and what some of the problems world faced are. 7. Finkelhor, D. , Williams, L. M. , & Burns, N. (1988). Nursery crimes Sexual mistreat in day care. No. ISBN 0-8039-3400-9, 272. This study provides an empirical secernate of the child abuse taking place within the daycare facilities with children under the age of 7 years.This bind therefore defines the nature of the problem, the effectiveness of the different investigation methods as well as the impact of such incidences on the community as a whole. 8. Gauthier et al. (1996). Recall of Childhood Neglect and Physical Abuse as Differential predictors of Current Psychologically Functioning. 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Guilford Press New Jersey This book attempts to explain as to how the children and their self perception about themselves define their relationship with others. This book therefore also provides the information about the self development of children which ta ke place over the period of time. 21. Grotevant, Harold. (2005). Minnesota/ Texas Adoption research Project. Retrieved 24 April 2009 from http//cehd. umn. edu/FSoS/assets/pdf/ResearchDiscovery/Procedures_Measures2. pdf This study basically attempt to measure the validity of different hypothesis

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Multicultural nature of the American nation Essay

In an in-depth wonder with a subject of Japanese origin (twenty years old, living in the U. S. for three years) the differences between westward and Far-East cultures became evident. Given the multicultural nature of the Ameri target nation, the subject has not encountered any direct discrimination or intolerance however, she had problems with adjusting to cultural norms and everyday lifestyle of Americans. In college, the subject was respected for her academic achievements, honesty, and desire to help. Unfortunately, she was otiose to integrate fully in the social life of her classmates.She had problems making nodding acquaintance and starting gauzy talks. At the same time, she truly treasured friendship and was spending long hours talking to her friends back in Japan on a messenger. This can be explained by the fact that Japanese society favors long orientation. Another problem with social integration was that the subject was not perceived as a company person. She was very anx ious about breaking camp or traffic rules and preferred not to deglutition alcohol. Although the general attitude towards her was friendly, she could not develop a feeling of belonging.As concerns private life, the subject has nevertheless dated persons from her own cultural background (i. e. preferably Japanese but Asian in general). This can be attributed to the subjects views on the role of woman in the society Japan is a country where traditional masculine dominance is still preserved. Therefore, the subject is looking for stability and protection from the cheek of her partners, and few young American mean are able to deliver this, in her opinion. Therefore, it is possible to finish that persons from other cultures encounter difficulties in the process of integrating in the American society.

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4 main threats to Antarctica

Tourism fantastic as it whitethorn be Antarctica is gradually developing into a popular touring car destination. This is because people who suck been around the world and tickn places like Niagara falls and Ayers rock and another(prenominal) natural phenomenas like the idea of leaving to Antarctica and getting photos of penguins etc. The enigma with this is that it upsets the local wild tone and lot make disrupt mating season with certain(a) species. Some of the ecosystems are so delicate that even the slightest human interference might disrupt them. These ecosystems must(prenominal) be protected at all costs and to protect them we lowlifenot have tourists looking at them fetching pictures getting involved with these animals who until recently had never seen a human before.Another bad thing intimately humans is wherever we go we tend to leave a mess and litter could severely injury the environment. Can you imagine a lichen/moss has taken hundreds of longsighted clock time to grow to finally get above the drinking glass and survive only for a human to step on it and kill it? This is something that we cannot risk but touristry has a plus side. For instance it will provide another source of income that could abet scientific equerries and if the proposed tourist building is built it will allow the scientists to work and do something polar apart from research. It is hoped that this building would help tourism to expand from the present 2500 tourists a year. But how to protect animals from tourists? Is a precise good incertitude and a set of rules has been developed so that visitors can get a good experience without distressful the wildlife in addition much. There is not much we can do to discourage tourism but we can set a limit to the amount of people allowed on the continent and make real that they watch out a set of guidelines so that they do not interfere with the wildlife.Mining This is another big terror because things like oil and c oal and minerals like copper and iron will not last forever. And the problem is that Antarctica has the worlds largest coal deposits and possibly huge stores of oil that could be used to extract tens of billions of barrels of oil. It also contains some(prenominal) large deposits of iron ore and even some of gold and silver. This leaves a dilemma because if the resources run out wherefore Antarctica could well be the answer to the problems but at that place are many downsides to mining in Antarctica. It would be precise, very expensive because all food, water and equipment would have to be imported and wherefore on outmatch of that the minerals would have to be exported but to where, and how? It is a very hard problem to resolve. As well as the problem with transport as hard as that is obtaining the minerals. Most are buried beneath tonnes of crackpot and it would be extremely knockout trying to retrieve them. Another point is that the minerals and coal are very low quality a nd not worth risking lives and money for.The treaty has banned mining for 50 years and even after that time it may not even be considered. But by that time someone may have developed a way of getting the materials cheaply and quickly who can tell? Currently there seems no need for a solution so it is not heretofore a problem but some time in the future it may be so we have to be prepare.Global warming this is a big threat because if the shabu caps were to melt then sea levels would definitely rise considerably. Also it is not just melting ice caps that are dangerous but moving ice caps. Huge sections of ice are breaking off from the main commode of ice and drifting away on the currents. Could you imagine what would happen if a section of ice with a colony of penguins went floating away to a warmer continent where they could not find food? It is unsatisfying but at the present time there is nothing we can do to completely chit global warming but reducing will help slow down the melting ice although there is little that can be done.Fishing There is a danger that krill and other bitty fish will be everywhere fished and that mean a huge danger for all the animals in the Antarctic. Krill provide food for nearly every sea animal and if they are everyplace fished then the other will starve. This means that the krill must be protected at all costs and made sure that their numbers are not allowed to drop. It takes 20 years for a fish to mature and so over fishing is a great danger. By lowering fishing quotas and the time the boats are allowed to fish in the waters will help to keep up krill numbers and not over fish.Opinions we interviewed several different people and asked what they thought about the Antarctic and what should be done.Japanese whale hunter Hunting whales is my documentation and my family and I would starve if I couldnt hunt whales. Around the Antarctic there are lots of whales and we should be able to hunt them. I know we may put them in dange r but there would be too many jobs lost if we werent allowed to do it.Australian fisherman I know that over fishing is a danger but we have to get enough fish to make money. I agree limiting the fish quota would help stop over fishing but they must not lower the fishing quota too much or we wont be able to make any money.Scientist I am totally against any form of development, mining and even tourism because Antarctica, as the last state of nature on earth, cannot afford to be ruined by human corruption. If we allow too many tourists too come or too many fish to be caught then the whole eco-system that has survived for so long with no human interference will collapse.Politician It is my view that eventually some development on Antarctica should be considered but for now we should look to preserve it. Although it will require an income and many people may not get as much pay as they did this cannot be helped if he purity that is Antarctica is to be kept safe.In my opinion I believe t hat Antarctica should be kept the way it is although maybe fashioning it into a huge wildlife preserve or a world park seem like very reasonable ideas. Every precaution must be taken to prevent over fishing and the animals life from being disturbed. I leave you with this thought. In a hundred years the worlds population could have double and every spare inch of land will be taken up by housing. Would you see a place like Antarctica filled up with houses? It may happen so I kindle we try to keep it perfect while we still can and try to find out as much as we can before its too late.

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Julius Caesar Vs. Political Cartoon Essay

Conflicting perspectives exist indoors texts and their theatrical performance is affected by the context of the composer. Using your prescribed text and a related text of your aver choosing, assess the imp operate of this statement on a contemporary audience. Hello engrossr coolkitty96, and the rest of HSC tutorial social occasionrs who will stumble across this video, you seem to be having some trouble with Julius Caesar in Module C, atomic number 18 you not? Well no fear of Shakespeare, as I am here I recollect what you should first counsel on is the understanding of the module, as its going to be the main focus the rest should come naturally. Anyway, as you should already know, the process of composition often seeks to re personate an opinion in much(prenominal) way that it attempts to put to work the responders to agree or empathise with the composer. Now, due perspective being such a subjective topic, conflict will inevitably arise, which then creates different interpre tations of the original story. The context of a composer will shape the way in which perspectives are represented within a text, blurring the fine cable television service between righteousness and propaganda.These viewpoints can be explored in different textual representations, for example Shakespeares play, Julius Caesar, as well as a visual representation of text, such as Latuffs political resume On the Gaza-Israel Conflict., Values and ain beliefs, experiences as well as influences from the society and culture of the composer are present within such texts thus remaining relevant to a more red-bricke audience, allowing a founder understanding of truth and how its perceiving is explored within the text. Okay, so the society which surrounds the composer and his personal beliefs shapes the way in which the truth is conveyed within a text. You can see this in Shakespeares Julius Caesar, which was actually written to examine places of leadership, politics, honour and patriotism within his society. Through the manipulations of the characters dialogue, Shakespeare is able to highlight this purpose. An example of this could be the discussions between Cassius and Brutus in Act 1 scene 2 where Cassius begins to implant on Brutus the idea that This man is now become a idol and mustbe stopped. It is impossible that the words written by Shakespeare were the ones uttered at the snip of the event, peculiarly due to the Latin to English translations, thus displaying the power of context and purpose of a text and its effect within the actual representation.The composer, as well as a vast majority of the Elizabethan race, was as well as a superstitious figure and a believer in the Great chain of being and the hunting lodge it imposes. This is highlighted through the Death of Caesar within the play, and the tragedy it creates. Caesar, as head of the senate, held high amounts of power and his murder by his fellow senators who led the conspiracy plot, upset the na tural balance of the order. The tension and drama created by these actions act as the catalyst for the rest of the play. The last line spoken by Caesar before his finale indeed fall Caesar is used to symbolise the impeding downfall of the Roman Empire due to the importance of Caesar at the time. The line also presents to the audience a humble and resigned ruler, whom accepted the peoples choice of his death for the benefit of Rome, a contrasting truth to what Cassius had originally propagated of a God-like Caesar who would never refuse his power. This allows the audience of the time a simple understanding of a similar political situation to their own, highlighting the vulnerability of an shaky government.The political situations and references found within the text allow it to remain pertinent to a more modern audience, educating them on the social and moral perspectives held during the composers life. As well as that, the experiences of a composer allow the exploration of a top ic and perspectives discussed within a text, dictating the way it is represented. Now, Shakespeare was a famous playwright of the time and it seemed coherent for him to express his ideologies through his popular plays to comment on his society. Shakespeare was able to use scenes such as the Brutus vs. Antony orations to nisus the conflicting ideals between truth and propaganda, as well as their effects on society. Shakespeare captures Brutuss candor when he states I honour him but as he was ambitious, I slew him through his use of prose within the speech. Prose reveals to the audience of plebeians Brutus rational and logical thinking behind assassinating Caesar, to which he emphasised not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more. The way in which Brutus excuses his actions appears to be beneficiary to the population instead for his selfish purposes, as well as seeing Caesar asa negative influence to the Roman Empire.This is soon contradicted by Antonys oration which was w ritten in blank verse. The speech mocks as well as contrasts Brutus intentions implicitly though the repetition of But Brutus is an honourable man which follows conflicting strange statements. This depicts Antonys oration skills as both more superior and authentic to Brutuss speech as it exposes the contrast between higher and lower order rhetoric. Brutuss and Antonys orations, create a aright scene which can be linked to the easily influenced society the modern audience lives in, highlighting the impacts of how the truth is presented and how it is perceived. These concepts revolving around the impact of the context of a composer on his creations is not just limited to literary texts, it is also applicable to visual texts, such as the political cartoons created by Latuff in response to the Gaza-Israel Conflict.Carlos Latuff began satirically cartooning this issue after his visit to the Gaza strip in the 1990s. He is of Mexican descent therefore his background doesnt affect his vie ws as much as if he was Israeli or Palestinian, though his perception of what is rightful(a) and what is right drive his work. Through the picture Israeli side vs. Palestinian Side (2009) his focus on anti-capitalism, anti-globalisation and anti-US military intervention is highlighted. This representation is heavily critical on Israel, who is associated with all of that, as it depicts a reproach the difference situation by displaying two similar cartoons in essence, which then have been altered to depict Latuffs perspective on the events. On the left side, the Israeli perspective on the war, according to the composer, is shown with a small bomb, appearing to be faulty, landing in the street, surrounded by a shocked caboodle with no apparent visible damage. On the right side, labelled Palestinian side a worrying scene is depicted with crumbling buildings, fire, blood and death present within the visual. The way in which the cartoon is undisturbed suggests to the audience an exag geration of the situation, a common form within political cartoons.Having said that, it is evident that the Israelis are advantaged financially in this situation. By posting this on the internet Latuff has rendered this piece in stock(predicate) to all audiences, impacting the viewers opinion on the conflict upon finding it, demanding action though the use of this distressing and contrasting image. So to sum this all up, the representation of a text is affected by thecomposers context and the way in which they choose to portray a particular perspective. The society, values and personal beliefs as well as the experiences of a composer impact the representation of a text as seen in Shakespeares play Julius Caesar and Latuffs Israeli vs. Palestinian Side cartoon. Not only are they relevant to the audience which the text was originally composed for, but the interpretation of the message allows it to remain pertinent to modern audiences due to the messages and insights into the composer s contexts found within. That wasnt too hard was it? Now, remember to comment, like and subscribe below, and my email is in the description box if you require any further clarification. Oh, and good luck with your HSC

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Of Mice and Men and Oliver Twist Essay

Of mice and men written by John Steinbeck is set in 1930 during the economic depression caused by the stock merchandise crash of 1929.Unlike Oliver Twist, Of mice and men is set in USA, near the Salinas River, in the hot and beautiful put up of California.On the other hand, Charles Dickens Oliver Twist is set in the powerful and the majestic metropolis of Lon put one over, over-ruled with apparition and murky pollution brought astir(predicate) by what was the industrial variation in 1870, when the romance was set.The Industrial revolution really puts the whole evil and sombreness of London into a shadow which adds to the sinister acts that unveil themselves as the novel progresses.The dickens main characters of of mice and men argon two migrant agricultural labourers, George Milton and Lennie Smalls.George, Small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp strong features.E actually part of him defined small, strong hands, slender blazon and a thin bony face.The second part of an unlikely relationship between these two friends is Lennie, who is a gigantic part, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide sloping shoulders.George is Lennies guardian, because of his mental immaturity he is totally dependent on Georges leadership and commanding power, over of which he follows.In my opinion, with step to the fore George, Lennie would either be dead or locked up in jail, as a result of him doing stupid acts.It is ironic that Lennies surname is Small, because of his huge size, acquire like as the author describes.In the time of which of mice and men is set, there is lots of tension. Social classes, women, the great unwashed who suffer from racism all suffer at the same expense during this period.Crooks is the only black man In this novel, and it is through him that we can see the position of blacks in America.Crooks, is crippled because he got kicked by a horse, he has his have little room, away from the rest of the hands.The other hands openly strike to Crooks as Nigger, this example directly amplifies the life and times of the Black Americans at this time.Women are excessively represented through Curleys married woman. Curleys wife is one quarter of an unhappy matrimony.The other three quarters of the marriage is Curley, the bosses sun, who has full power of his wife and tells her what to do constantly.Steinbeck deliberately doesnt give Curleys wife a name, this representing the insignificance and illustrates self-will over women at this time.Curleys Wife doesnt really love Curley, and didnt really marry him because of love.She conjoin him to prove a point to her mother, who destroyed the relationship she did afford with the one she did love.She admitted, that marrying him was a Way Out.Curleys wife is an ambitious, flirtatious, good looking, young women, who the ranch hands try to ignore and avoid.She is trapped in loneliness, in Curleys wrath, she is where she isnt loved, and her only alternative is to make the most out of what she has got.Aint I got a right to spill to nobody? Whatta they think I am, anyways? Youre a nice guy. I dont know why I cant talk to you I aint doin no harm to you.Previous to the attain, in the barn.There, in my opinion, is a hierarchy at the ranch, and at the rotter lies Curleys wife and Crooks, two characters treated insignificantly and are discriminated due to their social classes, a women and a black.In California, the setting for this novel, the atmosphere and the surroundings is very harsh and tough for the workers.The attitude and behaviour of the workers in the novel reflect this well.For the workers, there was no cash benefit for the workers, so If they lose their job then they have to do without and mainly starve.The law, I learned is enforced well, scarce strangely enough, without any force as we never see any police during the novel.California is draw extremely well, it is very interestingly described too, this appeals to the reader an d gives the novel a very talented and happy start. The first few pages focus on the setting and commentate on all the happenings that go on, this builds a sense of reality.Steinbeck was born and raised in California, near Salinas, so he had an advantage when attempting to describe it as he can relate to it very well.Oliver Twist is almost exactly the opposite in comparison. It is a very dark novel. London at this time set the scene for the monstrosities that happened and the events that took place. You could almost guess what was to expect when reading the first few pages of Oliver Twist, only when to do the same with Of mice and men would be completely different. Of Mice and Men starts on a high, very bright and colourful, but it changes contrasts and horrible happenings crowd the last few chapters of the novel.The two main characters in Oliver Twist are Oliver and Fagin. Oliver is a young orphan, brought into the then cruel world by an unknown mother.Fagin, is an Un-human man, w hose features are aged and ugly. He is a ring leader of a gang of thieves that rob the city of London of valuable possessions, such as money, watches and gold.The Artful Dodger is Fagins keen apprentice, willing to learn, who knows all the tricks of the trade, a master of theft and scams. carte Sikes, Fagins second man, is a ruthless cut throat man, whose large size and aggressive attributes add to the implementation later on in the novel.The two murderers, Lennie and Sikes have many similarities.Firstly Sikes and Lennie are two large and intimidating men, whos leader is considerably smaller than them. Secondly, they both receive orders and are followers to their two leaders.Although Sikes doesnt receive commands off Fagin to an extent where he cannot survive without him, like Lennie, one part of the novel he does.This is the main event that leads up to the murder of Nancy. In the early hours of the morning, when all the human and refine world is asleep, London is awake.Fagin is awake in his chair. Waiting.Sikes enters with the loot that he has stolen from peoples houses.Fagin starts to talk about Nancy, Sikes girlfriend. He goes on and explains that Nancy could be a leak and could tell on them to the police.Fagin, knowing that Sikes has the mordacity and the capability of murder, begins to perform reverse psychology. He knows that if he pulls the right strings that Sikes could do anything for him.Sikes quite easily falls into Fagins mastermind trap, as if he had been brainwashed or hypnotised, he is now going to commit Fagins murder for him.Sikes goes to where Nancy is sleeping and severely shouts and screams at her. This traumatises her, to the extent where she doesnt know what is going on. This makes Nancy vulnerable, and this is where Sikes commits his brutal and sick attack on her.We can tell, exactly by reading these several lines of the story, the evil and cunningness of Sikes.He continuously beats Nancy to death with a wooden stick.Leaning up top the murder of Curleys wife, which was by far not as hellacious and as horrific as this, Lennie was minding his own business and was in the barn, calmly stroking one of Slims pups.Not knowing his own strength Lennie accidentally killed the pup.Lennie began to become sad and at the same time, angry. He repeatedly thought about George not letting him tend the rabbits, at the home of which the whole is dream is based around.An hell grade Now just for that you aint gunna tend no rabbits.Lennie put the pup in the straw, and began to talk to himself, moaning the death of the pup.Curleys wife enters and begins to flirt with Lennie, who confesses to her liking for stroking nice things.She invites him to stroke her long soft hair, but as the stroking becomes harder, she panics the harder he strokes the more she panics and then Lennie accidentally breaks her neck. He half-buries the body in the hay and runs off to the brush.As you can tell, both the two murders are of a totally different na ture. In of mice and men, the murder was unexpected, and didnt really fit into the surrounding story, On the other hand, In Oliver Twist, a murder was almost inevitable. Sikes was a premeditated murder, as he had thought it out and planned the whereabouts etc. Lennies was out of the blue, an accident neither him or anyone else could of prevented.The setting of the two murders, also are totally different. The murder of Curleys wife was in the barn, in the sunny and hot state of California. The murder of Nancy was in the grimy claustrophobic city of London.The descriptions in the stories of the murders, are again totally opposite.In Oliver Twist, Dickens almost runs a post-mortem on the body, and describes Sikes moves in detail after the murderer.In of mice and men, however, Steinbeck runs a bleak vague synopsis on the happenings.